2015 / installation 

At moments of high importance I tend to shoot the most banal things or not shoot at all. Sometimes the most desired picture just doesn’t appear to be what we expected or doesn’t express the essence of the situation fully. 

We see images as something true, something permanent, something we can relate to, something we can keep… but they’re nothing but a small reference of something much bigger which remains uncaptured. Without images we tend to forget the small details, but are we remembering properly when pictures are being taken?

What remains after all the pictures are taken or not, are just fading traces of memories.

These are the images that went wrong, but served as opportunity to enjoy and remember present situations more fully. Memories and experiences are more important than any possible picture. Relating to pictures is like kissing with eyes open.

EXHIBITION: 2016 – Leave No Trace, Tent Gallery, 2015 – Edinburgh College of Art

I had the pleasure to be part of the exhibition curated by FOAM collective in Tent Gallery, Edinburgh.